Industries We Serve

For over 120 years, D.W. Clark is proud to support the critical infrastructure need of castings in the many systems that sustain our everyday life and protect our way of living. Our customer base and component applications include major equipment and systems manufacturers powering defense, aerospace, turbine engine, energy, processing equipment, shipbuilding, valve, flow control and pumping systems.


As a defense manufacturer for over 50 years, D.W. Clark supplies castings to the leading surface and submarine shipbuilders including Electric Boat and Newport News, along with the Defense Logistics Agency, and acts as a key supplier within the shipbuilding industrial base.


With specialty alloy and casting process capabilities, D.W. Clark supports many aerospace industry applications. Our ability to meet advanced non-destructive testing and material specification requirements enables our aerospace customer base to rely on us for critical supply chain components including mandrels, forming dies and piston rings.

Turbine Engine

From new product development and full production to outage components, D.W. Clark has been supplying castings for turbine engines and rotating equipment throughout our history. We take as much satisfaction in developing diffuser castings for innovative new engine designs as we do in producing replacement parts for 80+ year old engines that were built well enough to still be in service. We strongly encourage reaching out to us to discuss our precision sand casting process utilizing 3D printed molds that can now often achieve designs that were not previously able to be cast.


Supplying castings across important energy sectors including nuclear, hydro, and waste recovery, to emerging technologies such as solar and fuel cell, D.W. Clark has both the experience and innovative ability to support our customers who need the highest degree of reliability.

Valve & Flow Control

Supporting many commercial and defense customers, D.W. Clark manufactures a full range of valve and flow control castings for some of the most critical applications. Alloy options and readily available non-destructive testing services such as X-ray, along with extensive experience in casting complex and high-integrity valve components, are some of the reasons customers have partnered with D.W. Clark for decades. 

Pumping Systems

Impellers, casings and rings are all regularly produced components for pump system applications. Our capabilities in producing specialty alloys, the flexibility of low- to medium-volumes and the increasingly leveraged precision sand casting process featuring 3D mold printing casting have allowed us to excel with projects from prototype and outage parts to full production runs.

Processing Equipment

D.W. Clark supports the needs of our processing equipment customers including medical, food and beverage manufacturers, and mill components. We have years of experience in solving engineering problems for even the most complex challenges and we are always looking forward to partnering on new projects.

Marine Shipbuilding

Combining our experience in defense and Navy shipbuilding, D.W. Clark has extensive experience with propulsion system castings and a variety of shipboard applications, in addition to the many pump and valve customers supported within the industry.

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