Our Company

D.W. Clark is as much a service company as we are a manufacturer. We build partnerships based on our goal of being the best at delivering quality castings. We are proud that our castings are used for products supporting energy, transportation, flow control, defense and other critical systems around the world. While making thousands of different castings every year, our success is ultimately measured by one goal: customer satisfaction.

Our continued growth has been driven by the relationships we have with our customers. While we strive to get each new casting right on the first run, what matters more is our ability to creatively solve challenges. We work closely with our customers from the prototype stage to production runs to emergency shortages. Our production system has been built on versatility and responsiveness. The process and systems we use continue to evolve supporting the need for ever advancing materials, requirements and designs.

Taunton Solar Field

Taunton Solar Field

Taunton Solar Roof Array

Taunton Solar Roof Array


1902 - D.W. Clark founded as a casting manufacturer in South Boston, Mass.


1955 - The company moved operations to East Bridgewater, Mass.


1986 - D.W. Clark purchased by current ownership


2002 - Construction of the Taunton Facility completed


2012 - Taunton facility solar project completed with a capacity of 475kW consisting of solar arrays installed on the roof and in a field on the adjacently owned property


2014 - New centrifugal operation expansion completed in the Taunton facility

2015 - Plans underway for an expansion of sand casting operations