Sand Castings

Sand casting has the advantages of shape and size flexibility and is very cost effective even with lower production volumes. D.W. Clark manufactures sand castings in a wide range of shapes and sizes that can be made in hundreds of different alloys. Our manufacturing and information systems are developed to take advantage of this scale in alloy range to provide fast delivery while meeting specific customer requirements. Using our chemically bonded sand system provides the flexibility to cast intricate internal and external features with a good surface finish. From prototypes to full production runs, we produce high quality sand castings for a broad range of applications.

  • Complex geometries and internal passageways
  • Prototyping and low volume order availability
  • Extensive range of over 200 alloys
  • Ability to meet most advanced testing, heat treating and finishing requirements
  • Experts in specialized castings that are difficult to make for demanding applications
  • Extensive experience with 3D printed molds and cores
Casting Alloy Steel Finish Machined
Finish Machined defense industry castings in high strength steel
Casting Stainless Steel Valve Bodies
Stainless steel valve bodies at 30 lbs each
Casting Steel Pump Housing
Large complex pump housing in steel at 2400 lbs
Casting Alloy Steel Bracket
Castings Ducitle Iron Inlet Seals
Castings Power Gen Steel Body Impeller
Castings StainlessLowFerrite Base Finish Machined
Castings StainlessLowFerrite Base Finish Machined Backside
Castings Stainless Steel BFly Valves
Castings Stainless Steel Finish Machined Assemblies
Castings Stainless Steel Valve Plug
Stainless Steel Castings Multiple Full